So last Saturday we were travelling from the Algarve back to Lisbon were we live. And we were listening to this song from Queen that I had never heard of, but my husband absolutely LOVES! – Breakthru, from Queen , you should have seen him playing his air guitar!

The song is absolutely amazing, it has all these fantastic high points, you can really feel it! Even if you don’t know it, it has an impact on you straight away!

And although the song is about love, my husband told me that it was used, some time ago, in ads about depression treatment.

[This gave me a whole idea about a post, right?!?!]

So, I went into this quest trying to find the ads he talked about… but I did not find them 🙁 [maybe I was putting in the wrong keywords], nevertheless, I do understand where he was coming from…

Check out the lyrics:

If I could only reach you,
If I could make you smile,
If I could only reach you,
That would really be a breakthru – oh yeah.

Breakthru, these barriers of pain,
Breakthru, to the sunshine from the rain,
Make my feelings known towards you
Turn my heart inside and out for you now
I have to make this final breakthru.

It could easily be applied to the feelings of a person who is trying to reach out to another one who is depressed.

Having been depressed, I can relate with everything that is being described here: being stuck in your own dense and dark reality that makes you seem like you are out of reach. Not being able to smile, always feeling down and sad. Suffering an immense pain and anguish, and everything feeling as though the sun will neve shine again.

And the supporting person, who really wants to help, sometimes ends up just feeling like having failed for not being able to bring the depressed person back to who he/she used to be!

Off course this is no ones fault. It’s just part of the disorder. This is why all they want is a breakthrough!

This goes out to all the people supporting their loved ones with depression:

I know sometimes it feels like you can’t do anything else to help, but believe me when I say it, you are more important than you think!

You help day in day out with the recovery. The problem is depression is a disorder that likes to take its’ time in to heal, and even though you may feel you are not doing enough, you are doing a lot for the person!

Making them feel loved and supported is mostly all they need! And most importantly don’t give up on them! The Breakthrough will soon be here!

More on the importance of supporting groups for people with depression, in my soon to be launched book: Depression, Get Out NOW!

To be sure to grab your free copy when it’s out, subscribe to the mailing list here and be notified when the launch time arrives!

xoxo Andie


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