To celebrate World Egg Day, I want to share with you a Healthy Banana Bread Recipe.

We had some bananas at home that weren’t going to be eaten, as they were already too ripe, and we didn’t want to send them to waste, so we tried this recipe.

We wanted something that was:
  • gluten free,
  • sugar free and
  • lactose free, and we got it!

It’s made with oat flour (be sure you buy the gluten free type), and the only sugar you add, and it’s tottally optional, is as the topping. But it isn’t really necessary.

What a success it was! And it was super easy!

All you need to do is add the ingredients into a blender and mix, and voilá!

The dough is ready to go to the oven!

Hope you like it!

Bon Appetit!


The original Recipe is from a brazilian blog, you can check the video  here!

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9 thoughts to “Healthy Banana Bread Recipe

  • Monique

    Great post! I can’t wait to try and make this! I love banana bread and the fact that this is a healthy option makes it even better!

  • Christine

    This sounds great! It’s good to find a recipe without added sugar in the dough. I’m not sure about the raisins (hubby hates “humiliated grapes”, but I might try it with dried cranberries. Pinned!

    • Andie Lopes

      Since the raisins go into the blender, you won’t really see/feel them. But dried cranberries sounds yummy too! And i’m sure it will work just as well 🙂 I feel sad tor the “humiliated grapes” ahaha

  • megan beaver

    Your recipe looks delicious, and it seems easy to make. I will be making this for sure. Thank you for sharing.

    • Andie Lopes

      It is super easy! The raisins give it the sweet taste, so you don’t need to add any sugar! Enjoy!

  • NicholeShirell

    This looks very good. Sounds essy to make

    • Andie Lopes

      thank you! It is!!! just add the things to the blender, and it’s done! 🙂

  • Meaghan Dawson

    My family loves banana bread and also has a problem with leaving bananas around until they’re too ripe to eat. I love trying new recipes and can’t wait to try this! My husband hates raisins so that means more for the rest of us anyway!

    • Andie Lopes

      is it the tast your husband doesn’t like? The raising are also put in the blender. so you really don’t feel or see them in the finished cake. they just add a little sweet to the recipe 🙂
      hope it is a winner around your home too!


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