Today I want to talk about the benefits of smiling today, and every day!

But first, I want to let you know a little more about the World Smile Day.

It is a day that celebrates the appearance of the well-known “smiley face”, created by Harvey Ball in 1963. This day has been celebrated since 1999. The idea behind World Smile Day is that “Harvey thought that we, all of us, should devote one day each year to smiles and kind acts throughout the world.  The smiley face knows no politics, no geography and no religion.  Harvey’s idea was that for at least one day each year, neither should we”.

So, to honor this great man, today, and every day:  “Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile“. You can learn more about this day here. Also, if you want to join this day add  #worldsmileday to your posts!

Now… onto the benefits of smiling!

It is highly important you smile every day, several times a day!

Unfortunately, people seem to smile less as they grow up…work stress, and generally life gets in the way, and people have less time to enjoy the good things in life. But there is hope!

There are so many positive effects of smiling in your body and overall well-being!!!

When you smile and laugh, a number of physiological changes occur in your body, mostly without you being consciously aware of it happening.

There is release of neurotransmitters, called endorphins – these are triggered by the movements of your face muscles, which when read by your brain, will cause the endorphins to be released. These chemicals are responsible for making us feel happy! And the good news is, even if you fake smile, it will also have the same effect, as the brain interprets the movements the same way! So even if you don’t feel like it, smile! You will feel happier and more relaxed!

Besides making us feel happier, endorphins also work as the body’s natural pain killer, and therefore, smiling can be very useful in chronic pain management.

Smiling increases endorphin release, and reduces the release of cortisol – the stress hormone – and will consequently reduce stress and anxiety! So, when feeling anxious or stressed, SMILE!

Smiling makes you more approachable. It is an attractive expression, and will draw people to you. Smiling is a contagious behavior, and people like to be around happier people. This will also increase your overall well-being!

A smiling expression can also take you a long way, in situations like job interviews, you will show confidence, and at the same time promote a relaxed environment. It will help you build healthier relationships with those around you!

So, I just gave you several reasons to smile today, and every day!

What are you waiting for? Start smiling and brightening up your day!

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6 thoughts to “The Benefits of Smiling – Happy World Smile Day!

  • Mindy McNally

    I am smiling at you! Great article!

    • Andie Lopes


  • Taofeek Ibrahim Opeyemi

    I agreed with you, smiling is really good and rewarding.

    • Andie Lopes


  • Cha

    Just a smile will make yourself and somebody else stress relieve. Practice it everyday.

    • Andie Lopes

      couldn’t agree more!


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