In July 2016, my boyfriend and I went to Riviera Maya in Mexico, for a dream vacation. (PART 1)

Needless to say, it exceeded all expectations! It was absolutely amazing!

We were lucky, our hotel overbooked and they sent us to this amazing 5 star hotel called Catalonia  Royal Tulum Resort. This hotel was for adults, exclusively, and it was heaven. Not that having kids during the holiday around you, and playing in the swimming pool or beach isn’t great too, I love kids, but this was more of a romantic escape, and for that reason, adults only was a great option. Also, we had the premium, all inclusive, bracelet. As the tour guide said, it was the bracelet that held the POWER! POWER to eat all you want, POWER to drink all you want!

The hotel was great. It had a jungle feel to it, and between the reception and the pool, which was right next to the beach, were all the rooms. You had a nice walk along the “jungle” from one side to the other. Along the way, you had all these romantic signs that really made that picture perfect moment!

The room was good, we had everyday new towels in animal shapes, and with rose petals on the bed. Also we were given 4 bottles of water per day to drink from, as tap water in Mexico is bad for your belly/gut. You can shower and brush your teeth with it, but no drinking. Even with ice you need to be sure it’s made from bottled water!

The bed was amazing, super soft, and we had all these pillows! The bathroom had a walk in shower which was nice, and air conditioner that stayed on all day thanks to the heat.


That first day, we arrived pretty late, and only had time to have dinner. We had dinner next to the sea, at the hotels’ steakhouse. It was yummy!


The morning of the second day, we went for breakfast. This hotel had the best breakfast I’ve had! And I’m a breakfast lover!!!! It had all these different fruits, bread, granola with yogurt, pancakes, egg omelets, natural juices, and so on… absolutely wonderful.

Then we had a meeting with out tour guide (we went with a jolidey package) and they showed us some tours we could decide on doing with trusted companies.

We decided to spend the rest of the day at the hotel and enjoy the sun, the swimming pool and the beach.

On day 3, we decided to visit the most well known Mayan Piramid: Chichén Itzá!

If you want to know more about this trip, visit my next post, here!

xoxo Andie

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