In July 2016, my boyfriend and I went to Riviera Maya in Mexico, for a dream vacation. (PART 2)

Continue reading about our days in Riviera Maya, now onto day 3!

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On the third day, we decided to go and visit  the Chichén  Itzá temple, in the Yucatán peninsula. It was three hours drive from where we were by bus, and very warm, but it was well worth it. This is one of the seven wonders of the world, an amazing Mayan temple, as geometric in its shape, as tall. Next to the temple, there were several other ruins of the Mayan civilization, and also several little shops/ market along the path. You could buy all sorts of souvenirs. Some of the sellers were a little excessive trying to get your attention, but nothing aggressive.

After visiting the temple, we had lunch at a Cenote, (the formation of a hole in the ground were water passes through making a natural pool of sweet water). We had the opportunity to swim in the cenote and jump from 10 meters high into a very deep (30m deep) pool. It was frightening to be aware that it was so deep! Then, to finish the day, we visited a traditional Mayan village, but this one was already a little touristy for our taste.

At the end of this day, Andy and I went for dinner in the Asian food restaurant, and then went for a walk at the beach. The night was beautiful, with lightning at the far end of the horizon, but no rain. He asked me to marry him with the sea as our background. Of course, I said YES!!!  It was memorable!


On the fourth day we went to the Xcaret park. It was nice, but to be honest, we felt a little double crossed. Andy and I love the rides, water rides, roller coasters, we love the feel of adrenaline, and all the promotion of the Xcaret park was directed to all these fun activities you could do there. The only thing that wasn’t advertised was once you payed your entry ticket, if you wanted to do all these cool activities, you had to pay an extra 60 USD per person. For us it felt like a rip off. So we were a little down. However the natural park is still quite nice, and a good place to go spend a day in nature, in the artificial rivers, and in the beach part of it.

You could also visit a bird sanctuary, and a butterfly sanctuary, and these were free. You could see turtles, manatees, and other sea creatures, so it wasn’t a total bust. It was just not what we expected it to be.

They had this cool system, were everyone had a bracelet that had a QR code, and we could take photos throughout the park in carefully defined beautiful scenarios. Aldo they had some photographers wondering around asking people if they wanted a nice photo. They would scan your QR code and at the end of the day you could download all photos, for a fee of 80USD. For us it made sense to buy it, as we took around 80 photos, so they came out with really high quality for a reasonable price each. They night we went back to the hotel, had dinner in the Mexican food, and went to rest.


The next day we had to start early, we were going to visit  another two Mayan ruin villages: Tulum and Coba.


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xoxo Andie

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