In July 2016, my boyfriend and I went to Riviera Maya in Mexico, for a dream vacation. (PART 3)

Welcome to Mexico!

If you want to read about our trip since the beginning, click here for the post on days 1 and 2, and here for the post on days 3 and 4.

If you have read the previous posts… lets continue ! 🙂


Fifth day: we started visiting Tulum, it is situated in the middle of a natural park, and it was a port area, as it is next to the ocean. It had a really nice setting. The ruins were beautiful, but there wasn’t a major temple there that was still standing. We managed to get an idea of how they used to get the village organized.

We were able to try some Cacau (cocoa) beans 😉 for those who like high percentage black chocolate, you might like it. Cacau beans were currency in the Mayan time, as they would give a lot of energy to the people (highly nutritional).

We then went to visit a very picturesque Mayan village, that lived by the old ways. We witnessed a sacred purification ritual, and had a bath at they cenote.

It wasn’t as deep as the other one, but it was much less touristy. We had it all for our group. We swam with doughnut buoys and jumped from a high point to the 15 m deep cenote. It was beautiful. It was called Esmeralda cenote.

After drying up, we went to have lunch with the villagers, it was delicious.  Very simple, but yummy. We then headed to Coba, to see one of the highest climbable pyramid in the Yucatán peninsula. We were ridden by these bikes with a seat in the front, and passed by the various temples and pyramids.

Coba is one of the oldest Mayan cities/ruins. Climbing the pyramid was hard, but once you got up there you had the most amazing view. From the pyramid itself, but also of a never ending jungle, a sea of trees. Absolutely beautiful! Going back down was scary, but doable.


Day 6: whilst in the other days we were leaving the hotel at 7:30am, this day we needed to leave at 6:30am… it was hard to wake up! But worth it. We went to Cancun to take a boat ride to Isla Contoy and Isla Mujeres.

We went to a snorkeling site first, unfortunately the sea wasn’t as clear as we would like it to be, and we weren’t able to see the fishes. We then continued to the Isla Contoy, this was a paradise island.

With clear waters, beautiful setting. It was a natural reserve. Everything (all garbage) you brought with you, you had to bring it back with you to the boat. There were bathrooms, but all made of wood, and the sanitation was all with recycled paper. We had lunch in this island, the food was all brought by the boat, and we had chicken, guacamole, and some rice. For dessert we had fruit.

After enjoying a bit of the beach and the sea, we went back to the boat and had a 40min ride to Isla Mujeres, were the most beautiful beach in the northern hemisphere is located. The island was interesting, full of markets and little shops, and the beach was pretty, but it was sooo full of people that it was hard for us to enjoy it.  We frankly agreed that the beach in front of our hotel was prettier.

I still managed to drink some coconut water, and it was yummy!

We bought some souvenirs and went back to the boat. Andy spent a bad evening as he got a stomach flu, and his belly ached. I think it was because he had too much hot sauce at the island lunch, as I was fine. But we never know…


The last day we spent it at the hotel. Andy was recovering, and I was enjoying (as much as possible) the facilities. But it was hard to have him at the hotel room feeling ill whilst I was enjoying the sun…

Without question, this was one of the greatest trips we have ever made. We loved the people, the culture, the hotel, and the trips. The only down side was really Andy getting sick at the end, otherwise it would all have been perfect.

Definitely recommend this program trip to anyone who wants to go to a paradise place, enjoy the sun, but also likes a little bit of culture included!

Have you been to Mexico? How was your experience?

xoxo Andie

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